Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

My Approach

What drives me is providing beautiful coverage that captures the essence of both the day and my clients involved.  Whether I am shooting a 2 hour senior session, a 16 hour wedding day, or a multi-day commercial assignment, my goal is to provide my clients with images that truly represent who they are.

Photography is an enjoyable, challenging endeavor for me, and I am constantly seeking new opportunities to capture images in unique ways.  I am up for anything, and like to work with clients who are just as fearless.

I never skimp on delivery of images, and always present my clients with every quality image I shoot fully-edited and licensed.  I will never give you watermarked images, or make you pay for the right to print or share.

In the end, I am here to serve my clients, the most important people in this industry.

My Style

Carefully composed, naturally edited, and fearlessly captured best represent what I do to make my images shine.  Photography is an art, and what drives mine is not simply quality camera equipment and rendering.

When I shoot for you, you will seldom asking you to “smile”, or requiring you have the flexibility of a gymnast to get into position. My clients often end up feeling like friends, and that comfort allows for goofiness, naturalness, and trust that lends to relaxed, natural photographs that capture you beautifully, regardless of the weather, location, or time of day.

When I edit, I edit every photo individually to ensure proper levels of light, shadows, and tone, that contribute to the image in a way that represents the day without seeming unnatural or contrived.

In the end, I am a photojournalist at heart.  I feel like you should be able to look at a photograph and not only know the story, but feel like you are a part of it, every single time.

Meet the Team

Frances Elizabeth Photography is a small operation out of Mullica Hill, NJ, serving the Mid-Atlantic region from Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, but don’t worry, we travel well, too.