Mini sessions are fantastic because they offer an opportunity to have a few great photos taken in the midst of your busy schedule.  Booking a full one or two hour session can seem overwhelming for some folks, which is why I offer mini sessions twice per year.  So, what is the point of a mini session?  How do you make the most out of one?  I’ve put together a mini session 101 to answer these questions:

Who Books a Mini Session?

The majority of clients who book mini sessions are actually not my regular clients who are used to booking longer sessions.  Usually, mini sessions tend to attract clients who have different needs than my regular clientele.  Here are the most common reasons people book mini sessions:

  • Their time and needs are limited.  Mini sessions are a great way to have a few great shots taken, but you may not have the need or desire to have outfit changes, or longer session lengths.  My standard one-two hour sessions generate over 100 images for delivery, which is wonderful if you need it, but not always necessary.
  • They are willing to travel to the mini session location.  I offer on-location services for my full sessions, meaning I come to you or we meet at a location you choose.  If you are a bit flexible, and have the time to pop over to the mini session location while out and about, mini sessions are fantastic.
  • They are not used to having professional photos taken, or have not worked with me before.  I love these sessions because they give prospective clients the opportunity to get a feel for my style, or get comfortable in front of a camera, without being overwhelming at all

Managing Expectations

In a 20 minute session, you can expect about 10-15 fully-edited unique images.  We also have limited time, which typically means no outfit changes, or multiple locations.  I always choose locations where I have shot previously, and which provide a few different environments to provide variety in your photos.  If you are interested in a long walk around the park, though, a longer session may be more appropriate.

I will always have your photos ready for you within 24 hours of your session, and you will be able to download everything right from your personal, private gallery.  This gallery will also allow you to order prints should you desire, though you are under no obligation at all to use my professional lab.  This is why I include the digital download for every client, for you to share and print at your leisure.

What to Wear

As with any session, attire will depend on what you want.  I typically recommend basic colors that compliment the season.  Bold patterns, graphic images on T-shirts, and colors that blend in with the foliage (like green in summer, or orange in fall) I typically advise against.  Jewel-tones in fall, bright colors in summer, reds in the winter, and pastels in the spring as advisable, while creams, whites, blacks, and denim are always fail-safe winners.

I would not recommend that the whole family wear the same outfit (unless you like this look)..  If you stay within a color family, with a similar degree of formality, you will look like you stepped out of a catalogue every time!

What to Bring

Unless you only want formal portrait-style photos, I recommend bringing a blanket, and any props you want to incorporate.  I will typically direct your group (or you, individually) toward casual activities to capture candid shots, and mix in more formal portraits as well.  Bringing a blanket or something passive to “do” while being photographed not only helps add variety, but also displays your personality.

In addition, mini sessions are short, but a hairbrush or comb, and back-up makeup like powder and lipstick are usually on the list of items clients wish they remembered.  If you are a mom of little ones, passive toys like blocks or balls, as well as wipes and hand sanitizer are usually great ideas too.


If you still have questions about your mini session, please let me know!

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