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Views from the Char-a-banc

Views from the Char-a-banc is a study of British life and tourism which is, unfortunately, in hiatus due to the pandemic.


Taking day coach excursions to tourist spots and attractions to document the people and places. It is an exploration of places never visited before and it gives scope to practice differing types of photography dependent on the destination. Landscapes, seascapes, street photography, architecture and portraiture have all been considered on these travels. Differing cameras and formats are also used.


The sociological and demographic aspects of the journey itself can be interesting where I have at times been bored, entertained, and enraged by those around me on the coach. Covid allowing, this project will recommence in the near future and, hopefully, for many year to come.

All images created using Hassalblad CM500/Mamiya C330/Nikon F2/Nikon D810, Kodak Portra and Ilford HP5

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